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Emergency Response

Del Rey School has had an active Emergency Response Committee for several years. The primary task is to secure the safety of children following an emergency. The emergency plan, developed by the district, includes several different types of emergency scenarios. All staff have been trained on this plan, and re-training occurs annually. There are food, water and medical supplies for the community stored on campus. Del Rey has periodic school-wide drills, including fire and earthquake drills, to ensure that the children, as well as the adults, know what to do in an emergency situation.

Here is what parents should know in case of an emergency:

Before an Emergency

  • Parents should provide a family photograph for each child with a reassuring note on the backside. Please also include an out-of-state or out-of-area contact name and telephone number on the photo (in-state, particularly within the bay area, telephone lines get overloaded first following an emergency). Please submit these photographs to classroom teachers as soon as possible.
  • Please keep all emergency contacts current on the photo and in the school office.

Following an Emergency

  • Do not call the school. The telephone lines will be in use for emergency communications. Information about the school will be available at the district website: Be assured that teachers and other qualified adults are supervising the children.
  • Each individual classroom teacher is responsible for the student release of his or her children. Children will only be released to one of the adults listed on their emergency card.