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2015-16 School-Wide Read-Alouds

The School Wide Ride-Aloud Program

Each year at Del Rey School I choose six or seven books to share school wide. I look forward to pouring over book reviews and selecting stories that will impact our kids in a positive way from the perspective of making the world a kinder, safer, healthier place to be. I provide teachers with a copy of the book to read to their class.

Our staff takes time to read the selection together, highlighting thinking and talking points and identifying strategies to lift comprehension. Additionally we look at the book as an author might. We ask ourselves, what did this author do as a writer to convey a message? We study and identify author’s craft so that we may use the book as a mentor text for our young writers. Teachers go back to their classrooms and read the book with their students. Students participate in the read aloud, discussing it and responding to the story. In both reading and writing workshops the book is used as a reference while teaching and conferring with young readers and writers. The book becomes a touchstone for all students, K through 5. The display outside of the office highlights one grade level’s response to the school wide read-aloud. When you are at Del Rey, take a moment to look and see the good thinking our students are doing.


Beautiful Hands by Katheryn Otoshi and Bret Baumgarten
Beautiful Hands
This lovely book combines art made up of handprints with inspiring words that help us imagine what we can do in this world. We can lift spirits, stretch imaginations and reach for love. Enjoy!