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Student Services

Del Rey Support Services

Student Study Team (SST) Students experiencing difficulties (academic or social) may be referred to the SST. The team includes teachers, support personnel, the principal and parents. The team reviews the student’s strengths and needs and recommends interventions to assist in supporting and promoting the student’s success. The SST is a part of the general education program.


Literacy Intervention 

At Del Rey we are fortunate to have a literacy intervention program that supports students in all grades. Students who are struggling with literacy, but are not in the special education program, are referred by their classroom teacher to receive targeted instruction from our literacy intervention teacher. This extra support takes place during the school day. Some students receive intervention support in their classrooms, and others are pulled out for more targeted instruction. The progress of each student is monitored regularly.

Intervention Specialist: Betsy Howe

Aide:  Gary Toponce


English Language Learners (ELL) All parents or guardians of children entering a California Public School must indicate the primary language of the child (the first language spoken). If the language is other than English, the child is evaluated each year using the California English Language Development Test (CELDT) to determine his/her English language proficiency. In addition to specific in class help, the district provides additional language assistance for those in need. All identified students are placed with CLAD certified teachers.


Special Education If a child qualifies for Special Education under the Federal and State Guidelines, the child may be eligible for one or more services such as our Resource Program, Inclusion Program, Speech and Language Therapy or Occupational Therapy. The Individual Education Plan (IEP) team (which consists of parents, teachers, administration and service providers) meets annually to determine students’ needs, goals, accommodations and services.  Students can receive ‘push-in’ support (where the Special Education staff assists in the general education classroom), or ‘pull-out’ support (working individually or in a small group on specific learning goals in the Learning Center). The Special Education teacher works with the General Education teachers to provide accommodations as needed and monitor the progress of the student, and parents are apprised of their child’s progress.

Instructional Support Teacher:  Gretchen Loughran, M.Ed.


Inclusion Program: Inclusion is a model within special education where students with disabilities are educated in general education classes alongside their peers without disabilities. Students with disabilities are seen as full members of these classes. The individualized supports and services afforded to students with disabilities are provided within the context of the general education setting. An inclusion teacher modifies the curriculum, facilitates social interactions, and helps students appreciate the differences of peers with disabilities. The inclusion teacher also works with students in a learning center to work on individualized learning goals. 

Inclusion Teacher: Michelle Trosclair, MA


Student Services Assistants:  Sue Carpenter, Linda Occelli, Geraldine Guzman, Li Lihuo, Chelsea Ouimet, Dwayne Beverly, Michaela Thomas


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