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Maker's Space

Del Rey’s Maker’s Space is a unique place for teachers and learners to integrate classroom skills into interesting tangible applications.  Ranging from three-dimensional puzzles to rocket launching to paper tables utilizing weight and balance, Maker’s Space is designed specifically to challenge our students’ thinking and to encourage practical, realistic application of science, engineering, art and mathematical concepts.  


Students come to Maker’s Space periodically—as selected by their classroom teacher—and spend as much time as needed to complete their projects.  With guidance from their classroom teacher and an instructional assistant, Maker’s Space encourages teamwork, thinking outside the box, and creativity.  Projects are specifically aimed at presenting a real world application of abstract concepts so that learners’ creative skills, artistic abilities, and STEM knowledge are woven together in a fun and “out of the box” environment.  Collaboration and cooperation are integral parts of every challenge. 


Maker’s Space is a program supported through generous contributions from the Del Rey Parents' Club, and private donations.  Materials often come from parents, teachers’ homes, recycling, and a whole range of sources.  Computers are available as needed and the space is designed to be a place where “there are no wrong answers” only collective problem-solving, group-thinking, and fun interactions.  


Del Rey continues to host a successful Maker's Day each year. One of the products of this fair has been selected as an interactive art piece to be displayed at the Orinda Library. Congratulations to our Del Rey artists! Click here for a wonderful video about the art and the experience.