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Social Emotional Wellness

More choices make for happier children

With over 400 children enrolled at Del Rey, we work to provide a dynamic program that meets the social and emotional needs of our students. Outside of the classroom environments we provide options for recess.

  • Library - open daily at lunch, students can choose to go to the library for a more quiet place to gather, read, and research.
  • Intramurals - students can elect to play a sport at lunchtime. Kickball is an all high favorite, but also included are basketball leagues, soccer, and others. Students sign up to participate.
  • Social Clubs - Monday through Thursday our Makerspace is open and facilitated interactions and play through creating happen.
  • Choir - 4th and 5h graders can participate in an elective choir that rehearses at lunch on Wednesdays
Zones of Regulation Curriculum

The Zones of Regulation curriculum is geared toward helping students gain skills in consciously regulating their actions, which in turn leads to increased control and problem solving abilities.  Students learn how different feelings and states correspond to different "zones," and subsequently learn strategies and tools to stay in a zone or move from one to another.  The Zones of Regulation model is used class-wide with some teachers; presented in short-term counseling groups by the school psychologist or behavior specialist; and taught one-on-one for students who benefit from individualized interventions. 


Kidpower is a global nonprofit leader dedicated to providing empowering and effective child protection, positive communication, and personal safety skills for all ages and abilities since 1989. 

Summit Center Collaboration

Beginning in the 2018-19 year, OUSD has partnered with Summit Center to provide short-term individual and group counseling services to students in general education.  These services are provided by a postdoctoral psychologist from Summit Center.  Teachers, parents, and staff can refer students to this program, if they see a social-emotional need that is impacting a child's functioning at school.  Services are designed to be focused on building social-emotional skills to support students at school.  Counseling takes place during the school day in 25-30 minute sessions and lasts for 4-6 weeks.


Social Emotional Consultations

Del Rey has a part-time school psychologist, as well as two district behavior specialists who work across the five OUSD schools.  If students are demonstrating a significant social-emotional/behavioral need that is impacting their ability to learn and participate in daily school activities, the school psychologist and/or behavior specialists can consult with the student's team (e.g., parents, teachers) to determine the best supports.


Building Character

Wall of Hope
Wall of Hope
Cultivating ethical and respectful citizens

OUSD believes strongly in cultivating ethical and respectful citizens; kids who have great character.

Currently, we use programs like KidPower, Think First, Speak Up, Be Safe and Epoch to help students, teachers, parents and staff promote a culture that supports strong character.

On September 13th we celebrated Character Day by asking students, parents and teachers: What is your hope?

Service Projects

Through our student council, we participate in various service projects, some of which include canned food drives and food distribution, warm coats, shoes, pajamas for the crisis center for children, book drives, and more. We hope to provide students with a chance to give back to their community by serving others. 

Orinda Cares
Orinda Cares